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The Calypso Fish and Aquaria club is a  club for aquarists and pond keepers  land based in Central London, England, but open to all fish keepers worldwide. We are the first new general or non-specialist fish club to be formed in the UK in the last ten years. We are both a web-based club and a traditional society  shortly to be holding  regular meetings of London members, (currently on a monthly basis), as well as arranging social events several times per year, which will include visits to well-known public aquaria and overseas shows. We are honoured to have some of the U.K.'s top aquarists on our founding members list. We are members of The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies (IFOCAS)

Free members pages plus free help and technical advice , downloads  and pictures - Discounts on products - Access to rapid expert advice. Contact with local fishkeepers and many more advantages are available to members

Fresh Jumbo Whole Shrimp from the Gulf - Sun Shrimp


This site has a great batch of really useful calculators for tank sizes, volumes and temperatures in metric and imperial units plus converters from one to another


This site has a calculator to convert litres to US gallons to English Gallons

http://www.simplifiedreefkeeping.com  Simplified Reef Keeping 
The first easy to understand guide to reef aquariums 

Our Aim

Is to provide a real, "old-fashioned" , friendly and informal fish club in the London area where beginners and experienced aquarists alike can profit from each other's experiences, but at the same time using modern technology to the full and providing members with their own free web pages and services. It is also our aim to retain as much informality as is practicable within the structure of the club. Shrimp Tails are sustainable food 

 Our Profile

The Club is fairly  new and has just established its founding members' list. Its raison d'etre has been provided by the PetFish Rapid Response Team's huge postbag from aquarists requiring assistance and contact with experienced fishkeepers. Until CFAC started London was one of the few areas of the UK where there was no major fish club presence, which is staggering considering that there were over twenty fish clubs and societies in and around London in 1980 (and thirty in 1970 )

Cost of Membership

Membership is free for all members who are under 18. 

UK members over 18 are asked to contribute a one-off joining  fee of �2.50 to assist with administration charges, affiliation fees and postage. After joining, membership is free. Overseas membership is �4 per annum. If further funding for any purpose is required members will have a free vote 

One of the prime movers behind the inauguration of this club is me, my name is Gerald Jennings and I have been an aquarist and ichthyologist for over three decades now.  I have put up a members page on our site here to give some idea of what can be done very easily. but I do not expect this page to have to live out on its own for too long! We have plenty of webspace - so lets use it.


"Old Four legs" has nominally been adopted as our logo - most of us feel as old as him/her!, so a recent picture of the largest female Coelacanth ever caught

Maputo Museum photo of Gravid Female Coelacanth

Contact Information

Telephone +44 (0)20 7281 4948


FAX  +44 (0)20 7281 4948

E-Mail CFAC@calypso.org.uk

Electronic mail
General Information and Help: Fishpeople@calypso.org.uk
Member Support: Fishpeople@calypso.org.uk


Barbus semifasciolatus


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